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Parsnasb company is committed to achieving the latest and most up-to-date human creations in order to develop science and industry and apply it in societies. Statistics show the growing need for energy production and consumption, especially water, and its optimal use. Since the life goals of the future generations will be affected by the planning and goals of the present generation, this company by using up-to-date knowledge and experienced workforce in the direction of production and optimization of energy consumption in industry and daily use, in order to advance the goals of the country with a firm determination in this way has stepped.
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introduction of a company

Pars Nasb Afarin Engineering Company is a leading contractor in various fields such as water, buildings, roads, and transportation. The company was founded in 2006 and is run by a team of young managers with more than a decade of experience in various areas including management, technical engineering, design, and implementation.The company has two ranks of water and buildings from the Organization of Planning and Budget of the country. With the implementation of nearly 4,000 meters of GRP network, 10,500 meters of metal transmission lines in all regions, more than 30,000 meters of polyethylene water and sewage transmission network, and the construction of high and medium-importance buildings, Pars Nasb Afarin Engineering Company is one of the most reputable contracting companies.

Where did it start?

Parsnasb Co

Pars Installation Engineering Company was established in Shiraz city with registration number 19976 on 03/10/2006 and has a contractor qualification certificate from the respected organization of management and planning of Fars province in 2015. The latest certificate obtained is dated 16/12/2021 and expires 16/12/2025, which are the contractor ranks of this company as follows :
1- Water rank : 5 & 2-Construction rank : 5